(Navy and Marine Corps)


The Yangtze Service Medal was established by Navy Department General Orders Number 205 on April 28, 1930.


The Yangtze Service Medal was awarded for qualifying service between the inclusive dates of September 3, 1926, and December 31, 1932.


The Yangtze Service Medal was awarded to Navy and Marine Corps Personnel who:

  • Participated in operations in the Yangtze River Valley in China between September 3, 1926, and October 21, 1927, or between March 1, 1930, and December 31, 1932; or who

  • Served ashore in Shanghai or in the valley of the Yangtze River with a landing force during the time periods listed above.

Order of Precedence

The Yangtze Service Medal was worn after the Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal and before the China Service Medal.


No devices were established for the Yangtze Service Medal.


The first recipient of the Yangtze Service Medal is not known.


The Yangtze Service Medal was designed by John R. Sinnock of the Philadelphia Mint.



In the center of a bronze medallion one and a quarter inches in diameter, a Chinese junk at half sail is shown on semi-choppy waters. Above the junk are the words YANGTZE SERVICE in raised letters.

The Chinese junk is symbolic of the area of operations, and the semi-choppy water alludes to the turbulence encountered by U.S. military personnel. The wording describes the service for which the medal was awarded.


In the center of a bronze medallion, an eagle is shown alight upon an anchor; the eagle is facing to the left, and the flukes of the anchor are to the right side of the medallion. The eagle is grasping sprigs of laurel, which extend beyond the anchor in both directions. Above the eagle are the words UNITED STATES NAVY (or UNITED STATES MARINE COPRS). Above the laurel on the left is the word FOR, and over the laurel on the right, SERVICE.

The eagle is the American bald eagle and represents the United States; the anchor alludes to naval service. The laurel is symbolic of victory and achievement.


The ribbon to the Yangtze Service Medal consists of a field of dark blue. Inside each edge are stripes of gold and red of equal width. The colors represent the Navy and Marine Corps (blue and gold for the Navy, scarlet and blue for the Marine Corps.


The Yangtze Service Medal was serially numbered at the six o'clock position on the rim (using the M.No. prefix).

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