The Kuwait Liberation Medal was approved by the Council of Ministers for award in five classes, generally according to the rank of the recipient. The medal was offered without reference to class by Chief of Staff of the Kuwait Armed Forces on July 16, 1994.


Acceptance and wear of the Kuwait Liberation Medal was authorized in Secretary of Defense Memorandum, "Acceptance of Foreign Award in Recognition of Active Field Service in Time of Combat Operations," (Kuwait Liberation Medal-K), dated March 16, 1995.


The Kuwait Liberation Medal was awarded to individuals who performed qualifying service between August 2, 1990 and August 31, 1993.


The Kuwait Liberation Medal was awarded to U.S. Service personnel who participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. To be eligible, U.S. military personnel must have served during the qualifying period in one or more of the following areas:
  • The Arabian Gulf

  • The Red Sea

  • The Gulf of Oman

  • That portion of the Arabian Sea that lies north of 10 degrees north latitude and west of 68 degrees east longitude
In addition, those personnel must have:
  • Been Attached to or regularly serving for one or more days with an organization participating in ground and/or shore operations;

  • Attached or regularly serving for one or more days aboard a naval vessel directly supporting military operations;

  • Actually participated as a crew member in one or more aerial flights directly supporting military operations in the designated areas

  • Served in temporary duty for 30 consecutive days or 60 non-consecutive days during this period (that time limitation could be waived for personnel participating in actual combat operations).

The design of the Kuwait Liberation Medal was specified by the Government of Kuwait.


The Kuwait Liberation Medal follows the Liberation of Kuwait Medal from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in precedence.


No devices were specified for this medal.



A bronze medallion with enamel, one and nine-sixteenths inches in diameter suspended from a bar by a wreath. The obverse bears the Coat of Arms of the State of Kuwait. The Coat of Arms consists of the shield of the flag design in color superimposed on a falcon with wings displayed. The falcon supports a disk containing a sailing ship with full name of the State written at the top of the disk. At the top of the medal is the inscription 1991 with Arabic letters.


The reverse of the medal displays the map of Kuwait on a rayed background.


The ribbon is the pattern of the flag of the State of Kuwait and consists of three equal stripes 29/64ths of an inch each of the following colors: old glory red, white, and Irish green. A black trapezium is at the top of both the ribbon drape and the service ribbon.


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