(Texas National Guard)


The Texas Cavalry Service Medal was established by Act of Congress (Public Law 91, 68th Congress) on April 16, 1924. Note: this is a Federal commemorative medal; it is not a medal produced under the authority of the State of Texas.


The Texas Cavalry Service Medal commemorates service on the Mexican border during the First World War. It was awarded for military service in one of the two brigades of cavalry organized by the State of Texas under authority of the War Department between December 8, 1917, and November 11, 1918 (members of these units were not eligible for the World War I Victory Medal).


The Texas Cavalry Service Medal takes precedence after the Army of Cuban Pacification Medal and before the Army of Occupation of Germany Medal.


No devices were authorized for this medal.


The design of the Texas Cavalry Service Medal was specified by the Equipment Branch, Quartermaster General Department, U.S. Army. The medal was sculpted by Anthony de Francisci.


The first award of the Texas Cavalry Service Medal was made to Brigadier General Jacob F. Wolters, the former commander of the 1st Brigade, Texas Cavalry.



In the center of a bronze octagon one and a quarter inches in diameter, a bluebonnet (plant) surrounded by a raised circle. Surrounding the circle, the words AWARDED BY CONGRESS FOR SERVICE IN TEXAS CAVALRY. Each word in the inscription is separated by a small triangle. The bluebonnet is the State flower of Texas and represents service within that State. The inscription explains the authority for the award and distinguishes it from one authorized by state or local authority) and for whom it was intended.


In the center of a bronze octagon one and a quarter inches in diameter, a five-pointed star, point up, in the center of a wreath of live oak and olive, all within a raised circle. Following the outer contour of the circle, the inscription SEPTEMBER 25, 1918 - DECEMBER 8, 1918. The central theme (the star and wreath) is the Seal of the State of Texas (the "Lone Star" State). The inscription denotes the service dates for which the medal was awarded.


The ribbon to the Texas Cavalry Service Medal consists of a field of yellow bisected by a white pinstripe edged in green. The green represents National Guard service; the yellow represents the State of Texas, and the white center stripe represents loyalty.


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