Army Service Ribbon


Establishing Authority

The Army Service Ribbon was established on April 10, 1981, by Secretary of the Army John O. Marsh, Jr.

Effective Dates

The Army Service Ribbon has been in effect since August 1, 1981.


The Army Service Ribbon is awarded to members of the Regular Army, National Guard, or Army Reserve for successful completion of initial entry training. In the case of personnel who receive a Military Occupational Specialty identifier based on civilian or other-service acquired skills, the ribbon is awarded upon honorable completion of four months active service. Only one award of this ribbon is authorized, even if an individual completes both officer and enlisted initial entry training.

Order of Precedence

The Army Service Ribbon is worn after the NCO Professional Development Ribbon and before the Overseas Service Ribbon.


The Army Service Ribbon may not be worn on the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard uniforms.


No devices have been authorized for the Army Service Ribbon.

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