• Full-Sized Medals Mounted For Wear on the Uniform

  • Our medal mounting is second to none, and we have considerable experience in mounting medals for all branches of the Armed Forces. We start with crisp new ribbon and mount your medals to look sharp and distinguished - the only way to wear your hard-earned awards! All medals mounted for wear on the uniform conform to the uniform regulations of the customer's Service component. All of the ribbons and attachments we use are government-approved.

  • Full-Sized Medals Mounted for Display in Shadow Boxes

  • When your time in the Service is complete, allow us to custom design a shadow box just for you in a museum-quality, solid walnut display case. This will be a fitting tribute to the service you gave to your country and a lasting legacy and family heirloom for years to come. At Five Star Medals, each case is custom designed to proudly display your medals and insignia. Medals mounted in our shadow boxes are individually placed so that the whole medal is displayed. We mount the medals so they all hang the same length and present a neat, clean, and dignified appearance. We use new, government approved ribbon and attachments to make certain your medals look their best.

  • Miniature Medals Mounted for Formal Wear

  • Miniature medals are worn by active duty members on the dress uniform and by civilians and retirees on formal wear. We offer a complete line of miniature medals, which you can purchase as individual items or have mounted for wear.

    Since every job is different, please contact us for pricing information by e-mail at or call us at (703) 644-4974.


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