(Awards to Individuals)

9-11 Ribbon (Department of Transportation-Coast Guard)
Air Force Recognition Ribbon
Air Force Special Duty Ribbon Ribbon
Air Force Recruiter Ribbon (Obsolete)
Arctic Service Ribbon (Navy and Marine Corps)
Army Reserve Components Overseas Training Ribbon
Army Service Ribbon
Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon (Air Force)
Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon (Coast Guard)
Ceremonial Guard Ribbon (Navy)
Combat Action Ribbon (Navy and Marine Corps)
Combat Action Ribbon (Coast Guard)
Commandant's Letter of Commendation Ribbon (Coast Guard)
Distinguished Marksman and Pistol Shot Ribbon (Obsolete) (Navy)
Distinguished Marksman Ribbon (Obsolete) (Navy)
Distinguished Pistol Shot Ribbon (Obsolete) (Navy)
Drill Instructor Ribbon (Marine Corps)
Enlisted Person of the Year Ribbon (Coast Guard)
Expeditionary Service Ribbon (Air Force)
Fleet Marine Force Ribbon (Navy) (Obsolete)
Longevity Service Ribbon (Air Force)
Marine Corps Combat Instructor Ribbon
Marine Corps Reserve Ribbon (Obsolete)
Military Training Instructor Ribbon (Air Force)(Obsolete)
NCO Professional Military Education Graduate Ribbon (Air Force)
Naval Reserve Sea Service Ribbon (Navy)
Naval Recruit Training Service Ribbon (Navy)
Navy Reserve Special Commendation Ribbon (Obsolete)
Overseas Service Ribbon (Army)
Overseas Service Ribbon (Navy and Marine Corps)
Overseas Service Ribbon - Long Tour (Air Force)
Overseas Service Ribbon - Short Tour (Air Force)
Overseas Service Ribbon (Coast Guard)
Pistol Marksman Ribbon (Navy)
Recruiting Ribbon (Marine Corps)
Recruiting Service Ribbon (Coast Guard)
Restricted Duty Ribbon (Coast Guard)
Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon (Navy)
Sea Duty Ribbon (Army)
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (Navy and Marine Corps)
Sea Service Ribbon (Coast Guard)
Security Guard Ribbon (Marine Corps)
Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon (Air Force)
Special Operations Service Ribbon (Coast Guard)
Training Ribbon (Air Force)
Wound Ribbon (Army) (Obsolete)
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