The Civil War Survivor's Medal was established by Act of Congress (PL 730, 84th Congress) on July 18, 1956.


The Civil War Survivor's Medal commemorates either Federal or Confederate military service rendered at any time between April 15, 1861, and April 9, 1865.


Not applicable. This is a "table" medal that does not have a "wearable" component; moreover, it was established so long after the Civil War and in such small numbers that it was never placed within a formal order of precedence.


No devices were authorized for this medal.


The Civil War Survivor's Medal was designed by Gilroy Roberts. It was struck in gold and is three inches in diameter. It does not have a ribbon.


The Civil War Survivors' Medal was presented to three recipients: William A. Lundy, John Salling, and Walter G. Williams.



In the center of a gold medallion three inches in diameter, the busts of Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee are shown in right profile. Grant's name appears in three lines in the nine o'clock position and Lee's name appears, also in three lines, at the three o'clock position. Over the two profiles, and following the contour of the medal, the inscription HONOR TO GREAT SOLDIERS; and below the two figures, the words AND TO GREAT AMERICANS.

Grant and Lee represent the leaders of the Union and Confederate Armies during the Civil War.


On a gold medallion three inches in diameter, a flaming torch is displayed surmounted by an olive branch. Behind the torch is a sword at an angle that compliments the olive branch. To the right of the torch is a crest bearing 48 stars in its chief above thirteen stripes beneath. To the left of the torch, a crest saltire in which the crossing arms contain thirteen stars, sharing a common star at the fess point. A scroll emanates from either side. Beneath the torch and crests the inscription (in seven lines), PRESENTED/ WITH HONOR / TO THE SURVIVING VETERANS / OF THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES / ACT OF THE CONGRESS OF THE / UNITED STATES / OF AMERICA.

The torch is taken from the Statue of Liberty and represents freedom; the olive branch symbolizes peace, and the sword alludes to the military conflict. The crest to the left is that of the Union and the crest on the right is the Battle Flag of the Confederate States (the Stars and Bars).




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