(Short Tour)
(Air Force)


Establishing Authority

The Overseas Service Ribbon (Short Tour) was established on October 12, 1980, by the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Lew Allen, Jr.

Effective Dates

This ribbon is retroactive without restriction.


This ribbon is awarded to Air Force members credited with completion of an overseas assignment defined as a "short tour" by Air Force regulations and that is not recognized by any other medal or ribbon.

Order of Precedence

This ribbon is worn after the Air Force Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal and before the Overseas Service Ribbon (Long Tour).


The Overseas Service Ribbon (Short Tour) may not be worn on the Navy or Marine Corps uniform.

  • Additional awards are denoted by bronze oak leaf clusters (a silver oak leaf cluster denotes a sixth award).

  • A bronze letter "A" device is used to recognize active duty, Reserve, and Guard members who complete a short tour at latitudes higher than 66 and one-half degrees north. Thule Air Base, Greenland, located 950 miles below the North Pole, is the northernmost U.S. military base and currently the only one within the Arctic Circle Boundary. Airmen on active duty on or after February 10, 2002, may wear the device regardless of when they served in the Arctic. The "A" device is worn centered on the ribbon. If the wearer has oak leaf clusters, the "A" goes to the wearer's right of them. Only one "A" device may be worn.

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