The Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal was established by Secretary of the Army Stanley R. Resor on March 3, 1971, and was implemented by Department of the Army General Orders Number 30 (1971).


The Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal has been awarded for qualifying service from March 3, 1972 to the present.


The Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal is awarded to personnel in the grade of colonel and below upon completion of four years service since March 3, 1971, with a Reserve Component unit for exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity.


The Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal is worn after the Good Conduct Medal.


Additional awards of the Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal are denoted by oak leaf clusters.


The Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal was designed by Arnold P. Simmons of the Institute of Heraldry.



The medal is a bronze medallion one and a quarter inches in diameter, consisting of a faceted twelve-pointed star with a narrow beveled edge the points of which surmount a wreath of laurel. In its center is disc within a smaller wreath of laurel which contains a torch between two swords saltirewise (points up) and flanked by two mullets. Between each point of the star (and in its re-entrant angles) is a bullet.

The star refers to achievement and its twelve points refer to the measurement of time and to the sustained meritorious service of the Army Reserve Components. The disc (the circle of perfection) bears the torch for guidance and the laurel for honor and glory. The two swords crossed saltirewise represent both active and reserve forces and attest to eternal readiness. The two stars represent equality of effort.


The reverse consists of a plain bronze surface within the encircling inscription UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE (or, as the case may be, ARMY NATIONAL GUARD) at the top and FOR ACHIEVEMENT in the bottom. Beneath the upper inscription is a cuirass, and the space between the cuirass and the lower inscription is left blank for inscribing the recipient's name. The cuirass is taken from the Army Seal and alludes to the United States Army.


The ribbon to the Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal consists of a field of gold with a central stripe of red bordered by white and blue. The red, white and blue are the National Colors. The red stands for hardiness and valor; the white for purity and valor; the blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice, and the yellow stands for high ideals.


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